3rd IGCP638 meeting (Oc. 15-21st, 2018)



2nd IGCP638 meeting (Nov. 7-12th, 2017)   

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Sekkat map


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The city of Casablancaflechehautdepage

ancienne medina Casablanca Artisanat marocain Artisanat Maroc
casablanca Centre Casablanca centre3 Casablanca1
Casablanca Twin Center Casablanca vue de nuit casablanca côte
Casablanca Financial City Casablanca Corniche casablanca
 Port of Casablanca Corniche Casablanca 2  Quartier des Habous
Quartier des Habous1 Casablanca plage Casablanca plage2


Conference shots    flechehautdepage

Day 1   flechehautdepage



DSC03252 DSC03256  DSC03298
DSC03261 20171107 113113 20171107 112908
20171107 113212 DSC03289 DSC03283
DSC03284 DSC03288 DSC03285


DSC03282 DSC03294 DSC03276


 DSC03255  DSC03296


DSC03290 DSC03271 DSC03292 
DSC03293 DSC03287 DSC03299
DSC03300 DSC03301 DSC03302


Day 2  flechehautdepage



DSC03308 DSC03312 DSC03371
DSC03320 DSC03326 DSC03328
DSC03332 DSC03337 DSC03341
DSC03349 DSC03350 DSC03363


 DSC03359 DSC03362  DSC03374


DSC03367 DSC03370 DSC03381


Videos  flechehautdepage

Conference (5'45") and Field trip (6'46" & 6'08") videos (mp4 format)

conf excu excu1


Field trip shotsflechehautdepage

Day 1  flechehautdepage

On the road for some field Geology of the Precambrian basement

 DSC03397  DSC03390  DSC03393


 DSC03392  DSC03394

Visit of Hajjar Mine (Guemassa area)

 DSC03400 DSC03399 DSC03401 
DSC03404 DSC03405 DSC03406
DSC03409 DSC03411 DSC03413


 DSC03415 DSC03417 DSC03416
DSC03418 DSC03420 DSC03421
DSC03424 DSC03428 DSC03425




 DSC03430 DSC03431 DSC03432
DSC03433 DSC03434 DSC03438
DSC03439 DSC03442 DSC03443


DSC03444 DSC03458


Day 2  flechehautdepage

DSC03497 DSC03496 DSC03501


DSC03513 DSC03518 DSC03521
DSC03547 DSC03564 DSC03560
DSC03563 DSC03552 DSC03569
DSC03570 DSC03571 DSC03572
DSC03579 DSC03573 DSC03581


DSC03582 DSC03583 DSC03587




DSC03593 DSC03591 DSC03598
DSC03601 DSC03614 DSC03603
DSC03639 DSC03640 DSC03648


DSC03652 DSC03653 DSC03662
DSC03676 DSC03678 DSC03674


Day 3  flechehautdepage

DSC03717 DSC03719 DSC03724
DSC03735 DSC03734 DSC03753


Visit of Bou Azzer Mine (Ophiolitic complex)

DSC03762 DSC03777 DSC03763
DSC03795 DSC03809 DSC03822
DSC03827 DSC03826 DSC03830
DSC03842 DSC03850 DSC03846


DSC03855 DSC03856 DSC03859
DSC03862 DSC03865 DSC03868


Day 4  flechehautdepage

DSC03926 DSC03928 DSC03931
DSC03935 DSC03953 DSC03950
DSC03956 DSC03964 DSC03961




DSC03974 DSC03983 DSC03979
DSC04004 DSC04018 DSC04007




DSC04019 DSC04028 DSC04025
DSC04014 DSC04059




1st IGCP638 meeting (Dec. 5-10th, 2016)          Conference shots      Video       Field trip shots


Conference shots

Conference "room A" during the opening ceremony and keynote speakers session in UCAD II Campus

DSC00147 DSC00149 DSC00150
DSC00164 DSC00180 DSC00199
DSC00151 DSC00155 DSC00157
DSC00171 DSC00186 DSC00190
DSC00205 DSC00197 DSC00203
DSC00211 DSC00185 DSC00202


Video   flechehautdepage

TV news of the national chain of Senegal (RTS1) on December 30th, 2016 in the edition of 8 pm (mp4 format)



Shots from Ahmed Algouti

5866df7823b35 16 5866e25949f38 19 5867383e0aa72 18


Geological feld trip shots   flechehautdepage

On the road to Kédougou for geological field trip on Paleoproterozoic Birimian Formations

DSC00212 DSC00215 DSC00227
DSC00228 DSC00230 DSC00229


Some field trip shots in the area of Kédougou-Kéniéba Inlier, near Mako village

DSC00256 DSC00261 DSC00274
DSC00276 DSC00288 DSC00298
DSC00314 DSC00329 DSC00347
DSC00367 DSC00376 DSC00380
DSC00420 DSC00452 DSC00456
DSC00460 DSC00462 DSC00579


Shots from Rokhaya Samba (DPPM)

IMG 5671 IMG 5674 IMG 5691
IMG 5679 IMG 5693 IMG 5699
IMG 5709 IMG 5711 IMG 5717
IMG 5750 IMG 5739 IMG 5775
IMG 5779 IMG 5787 IMG 5795
IMG 5800 IMG 5888 IMG 5892
IMG 5934 IMG 5921 IMG 5918
IMG 5955 IMG 5917 IMG 5959
IMG 5914 IMG 5915 IMG 5943


Dindéfélo falls

IMG 5991
IMG 5984 IMG 5987
IMG 5975 IMG 5967