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IGCP638 works closely with these different Task groups like WAXI (West African Exploration Initiative), AMEDEE (Activité Minières, Environnement, Développement Economique, Ethique) and AVG (Association Vision Géologie, Sénégal) and now with ECOS-Sud-CONYCIT (proposal on Precambrian mineralizations on the Rio de la Plata Craton, Uruguay; see website for more details).

As an example, recently a mining research program (Ecos-sud Conicyt n°PU17U01: 2017-2020) [Leaders: Tahar Aïfa (France); Henrique Masquelin (Uruguay)] was developed on mineralizations of the area of “Polanco - Arroyo del Soldad” in the Nico Pérez Terrane, Rio de la Plata Craton (Uruguay). This block, composed mainly of Precambrian rocks, is rich in base metal deposits, particularly in native gold associated with Cu-Zn-Pb-As within quartz dykes. Potential methods (magnetism, gravity and radiometry) combined with the structural data, will be used to investigate the mechanism of ore deposits and estimate the reserves through modeling of the near subsurface structures.

This will be a good opportunity for PhD and MSc students to work on aeromagnetic, radiometric and gravity data combined with observation data (structural, petrophysical data mainly) to investigate properly the mechanism(s) of ore deposit traps.