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Geology programmes in secondary education

The high school programmes do not have chapters devoted to geology of Precambrian in particular to geodynamics and mining resources. This gap is mainly related to the ignorance of this geology of the old formations, only left at the discretion of enquiring geologists. Unfortunately, the results of the current scientific work are very disputed with many assumptions on geodynamics, geochemistry, lithology and mineralizations. This diversity of assumptions is especially related to the absence of dialogue of the geologists on the regional and international scale and also to individual work in the various Birimian provinces. A good knowledge of the geological history and resources of the Precambrian formations will necessarily become by united actions and concerted researchers for a harmonization and a validation of knowledge. This IGCP project partly aims at creating this framework of exchange through common conferences and geological field trips. The final document which will be produced, will be used as guide for the school handbooks. Thus, this gap in geology of the school programmes could be filled by a harmonization of knowledge and the development of a consensual and general document on the geology and mineralizations of the Birimian formations. This document will also be used as a guide for the mineral prospecting at various scales (industrial and traditional with gold washing).

Best Oral/Poster Presentation Award for young scientists

Following the IGCPs tradition, the conference committee will award best oral/poster presentations of the meeting for young scientists (aged 35 or younger).

Please indicate whether you want to be the candidate of the Best Award during your online registration. Payment of your registration fee is needed to be done first.