Granodiorite with mafic enclaves northern Niéméniké
Banded quartzite representing the basaltic cover
Paleoproterozoic pillow-lavas with (left) and without (right) quartz bars
Pillow-lavas (2.16 Ga) from Mako
Gambia river at Mako village, the hill is composed of massive basalts associated with ultrabasites (2.16 Ga)
Mylonite outcropping at the northern entrance of Mako
Shear joints affecting a quartz veinlet within a multi-coloured metagabbro
Neoproterozoic sandstones of the Segou Basin
Grenier at the Hassana Diallo (chief of Medina Kouta village) house in the Segou-Medina Kouta Basin
Paleoproterozoic granite (front view) on top of which lie the Segou-Medina Kouta Paleoproterozoic granite (front view) and sediments, separated by Wally Diala valley along the downhill house
Paleoproterozoic pillow-lavas along the Gambia river
Paleoproterozoic limestones showing post Eburnean folds, marked by fine- and corse-grained skapolith minerals
Doleritic dyke (1.4-0.3 Ga) cross-cutting the Paleoproterozoic folded limestones
Paleoproterozoic limestones showing post Eburnean folds
Hill of Manssari Tana ultramafic rocks
Field trip: Master Geosciences students at Mako village (from Mauritania, Congo, Senegal, Gabon, Benin, Djibouti)
Quarry in the marbles
A rest for the students at Badian village center
Students on the pink granite of Niéméniké, NW Mako
Quarry on Paleoproterozoic pillow-lavas
Students on the mylonitic shear zone of Bafoundou
Inside the marble quarry
Students on recreation
Students at work at the top hill of Medina Kouta